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September 12, 2022

Autodata introduces integrated technical training

The automotive industry is no stranger to change. No more has this shone through than in the ever-changing technology introduced by manufacturers. Technology that the workshop needs to keep abreast of to remain successful.

Who remembers the 1970s, when stricter emission controls were introduced? Or the 1980s, the era of computerised engine management? Next, we witnessed the growing impact of environmental consciousness, with the introduction of hybrid powertrains in the late 1990s.

Today, change is upon us once more. The concerted switch to EVs, the push for ever-more driver aids, connected cars, self-driving vehicle concepts – the list feels endless. The point is, change is relentless, so how do we adopt, adapt and improve to flourish?

We’re revolutionising the way you use Autodata

As Autodata celebrates our 50th year of supporting automotive workshops, we’re excited to announce the next level of convenience and efficiency in automotive repairs that will help you adapt to change faster.

Today we can reveal that we’re enhancing the Autodata product by adding direct access to over 350 online technical training videos.

From late September 2022, Autodata subscribers will automatically have access to high quality training content covering the following key areas:

Electrical   |   Engine   |   Chassis   |   Drivetrain   |   Driver Assist 

HVAC   |   Diagnostics   |   Servicing   |   Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

This video content seamlessly combines with our officially licensed OEM data across 175 manufactures to create a winning package of service, maintenance, diagnostic and repair information.

The value you receive from this change is twofold:

  • Find video content that will help you diagnose specific problems even faster. Simply click the play button to receive on the spot training.
  • Access a library of on demand training content that keeps your technicians up to date and lets them refresh their knowledge on important subjects they may have forgotten.

No limits to your access

You get unlimited access ‘on demand’, meaning you can watch any video when it suits you, wherever it suits you and as often as you need – we set no limits.

Our Diagnostic and Repair subscribers will have automatic access to more than 350 technical training videos across the 9 different subject areas, while our Service and Maintenance subscribers get access to more than 150 videos.

Bite size video content specifically built to suit the workshop environment

There’s no heavy content or theory to sit through. Most Autodata videos are no longer than 10 minutes and are delivered by experts in the field, featuring real vehicles and detailed 3D animations. Each video is designed to be used when you need it, where you need it – even at the vehicle you’re working on.

Supporting your workforce

Autodata subscribers now have access to the most cost-effective means of training staff and keeping their skills up to date, providing a convenient alternative to costly off-site technical training.

You’ll cut down the cost of the course, travel, and the time away for your technicians. You’ll simply be able to log on to Autodata and access the training content that meets your technicians’ needs, not only teaching them about new technology but also providing a bedrock of content to refresh their understanding of vehicle technology.

Expertise on demand

On-demand diagnostic video content creates a powerful reference tool for technicians to spot-check their repairs in real-time. Our constantly growing collection of training videos, designed by experts for experts, can be used to minimise disruption and delay while maximising productivity and technician progression. 

You don’t need to lift a finger

Eligible subscribers will automatically receive this enhancement with no need for extra registrations, logins, or passwords – simply log in from late September to start training!

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