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To prevent disruption to your service, your Intro trial will automatically convert into an annual subscription at the end of the 1-month period. If you want to renew onto a different product or if you want to cancel, simply let us know before the end of your trial.

The Intro product is only available to garages that haven’t had an Autodata subscription or trial in the past 6 months. If you have had a subscription in this time, contact us and we will be happy to set you up with a standard subscription.

By starting your buying journey, you confirm and consent to Autodata capturing your details. We reserve the right to contact you specifically regarding your Autodata query.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the setup process for the intro product?

  • How long does an Autodata subscription last?

  • How long is my intro valid?

  • What is included in my intro?

  • Do I need to extend my intro?

  • How soon after getting my intro product can I start using Autodata?

  • Can my subscription be a different product to my intro product?

  • Who can use the intro product?

  • How many users do I need?

What if I have other workshops? Can I share users across multiple locations?,

All subscriptions are for one business location only, so if you have one workshop in London and another in Birmingham, you need to buy two separate subscriptions.

Can I use Autodata and Autodata for motorcycles at the same time?

You can have a subscription to both, but in order to use the two products simultaneously, you would need a 2 or 5-user subscription level.