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April 20, 2021

Autodocta – 2013 Citroën Nemo

VEHICLE: 2013 Citroën Nemo

ISSUE: SRS warning lamp illuminated

A customer of ours has a 2013 Citroën Nemo. The car had a fault with the supplementary restraint system (SRS), the warning lamp was on and trouble code B0100 was stored in the fault memory. We renewed the SRS control module. Now the vehicle has come back to the workshop with the same fault after only a few months. Can you help?

Yes, the fault you describe has been reported before for the Citroën Nemo. The fault is due to insufficient earthing of the SRS control module. Fit a new SRS control module. Fit an additional earth lead between the SRS control module casing and the adjacent earth point . This should rectify the fault.

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