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September 29, 2020

Autodocta – SEAT Leon

VEHICLE – 2015 SEAT Leon 1,6 TDI

ISSUE – Engine oil leak from front of engine

We are having difficulty finding the source of an engine oil leak on a 2015 SEAT Leon 1,6 TDI. The oil leak is around the front of the engine and from the cylinder head area. Have other Leon owners reported this fault?

Yes, other Leon owners have reported this fault and it affects 1,6 Diesel models with CXXA/CXXB engine codes. The oil leak is due to the rubber seals between the fuel injectors and cylinder head cover leaking, allowing engine oil to accumulate in the cylinder head recess for the fuel injector and drain away via the leak-off bore. Inspect the rubber seals of the fuel injector recesses for cracks/damage. Replace as necessary. Thoroughly clean the affected area. Carry out road test to ensure the fault has been rectified.

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