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April 1, 2016

New to Autodata – April 2016 vehicle updates and feature enhancements

This month a series of updates took place, including the addition of new models, new vehicle data, plus a range of feature enhancements, as part of the product’s on-going development to continually reflect the demands of a modern workshop. 

Vehicle updates

  • 76 new or updated models were added, including: Toyota Auris (12-16), Peugeot 3008 (15-16), Hyundai ix20 (15-16), Land Rover Discovery Sport (15-16)
  • 1369 vehicle updates occurred on new models, with information obtained directly from vehicle manufacturers
  • 875 vehicle updates occurred on existing models, including: key programming, repair times, service schedules, TPMS and wiring diagrams

Feature enhancements

The following features were introduced or modified to improve user experience and increase workshop efficiency.

No service interruption during data updates

We consistently update the technical information within our online workshop tool to ensure that technicians are always working with the most accurate and up-to-date information. A series of advanced changes have taken place behind the scenes to ensure that our customers can continue to work uninterrupted 24 hours a day, particularly during updates.

Type of service now included on service schedule and customer record of service

The service schedule page for vehicles with different service options e.g. fixed interval or long-life, now shows what type of service was carried out. A copy of this can also be printed out for the workshops’ customers so that they have a clear record of what was done to their vehicle.

Additional improvements to performance, stability and security

We work continuously to enhance our product’s stability; over the last month, we have reinforced our ‘international failover’ feature to guarantee that our online workshop tool would remain available for all users in the event of a major power outage at one of our Data Centres.

Coming soon

During the coming months, Autodata will continue to make further updates to enhance the user experience and ensure subscribers are always receiving the latest technical information and innovative features:

  • New module for changing brakes
  • Enhanced search functionality
  • New models and vehicle updates
  • New known fixes and bulletins
  • New service schedules
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