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November 30, 2015

New to Autodata: November 2015 vehicle updates and feature enhancements

This month a series of updates took place, including the addition of new models, new vehicle data, plus a range of feature enhancements, as part of the product’s ongoing development to continually reflect the demands of a modern workshop.

Vehicle updates

  • 81 new models were added, including: BMW Z4 (11-15), Citroen C3 Picasso (14-15), Citroen C4 II (14-15), Ford Focus (15), Hyundai i20 (15), Mercedes-Benz CLS (13-15), Mercedes-Benz S-Class (13-15), Seat Leon ST (14-15), Vauxhall Corsa-E (14-15), Volvo XC60 (14-15)
  • 1,850 vehicle updates occurred on new models, with information obtained directly from vehicle manufacturers
  • 393 vehicle updates occurred on existing models, including: key programming, repair times, service schedules, TPMS and wiring diagrams

Feature enhancements

The following features were introduced or modified to improve the user experience and increase workshop efficiency.

Search for repair times

Search functionality has been added to all ‘Repair Time’ pages, to help users access the information they require quickly and efficiently. This is displayed in a similar format to other search bars throughout the product, with a suggested results list appearing as the user types. When a line is selected the page will instantly locate the required time. The bar also remains static at the top of the page, so additional searches can be carried out.

General guide for timing belts

To assist technicians with replacement and checking procedures we now provide a general guide for timing belts, accessible from the timing belt page. This includes general information such as: Precautions, Conventional (dry) timing belts, Wet timing belts and Belt tension measurements 

Print options on the Camshaft Drive page

So users can print only the specific sections required (particularly for timing belt procedures), print options have been added on the Camshaft Drive page. Users can now include or exclude sections of the page, helping save paper and other associated printing costs. 

Integrated support request ‘widget’

To further enhance communication channels between our UK subscribers and Autodata’s Support Teams a ‘widget’ has been added to the product, allowing messages to be sent directly to either Technical or Customer Support.

Improved login page layout and messaging

We have more clearly labelled the login fields, updated the layout slightly and also made the different error messages and advisories more consistent for the user.

More consistent pop-up styling 

As part of the ongoing aesthetic and usability improvements we have made some minor improvements to the in-application pop-up messages, so they are more consistent and logical.

Coming soon

During the coming month, Autodata will continue to make further updates to enhance the user experience and ensure subscribers are always receiving the latest technical information and innovative features:

  • New models and vehicle updates
  • New known fixes and bulletins
  • New interactive coloured wiring diagrams
  • Enhanced interactive capability for component locations
  • New service schedules added
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